Autobrite Correct It Range Restore Enrich & Final Finish 250ml
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Autobrite Correct It Range Restore, Enrich & Final Finish 250ml

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The NEW Autobite Direct “Correct-it” range has been designed specifically for use on modern ceramic and scratch-resistant clear coats, they have also proven themselves to be ideal for use on harder (German) clear coats in situations where maximum levels of paint correction are required to correct paint defects.

Final Finish is a glossy Anti Hologram finishing polish offering the permanent removal of holograms, polishing haze, fine scratches, marring and up to 3000 grit sanding marks on all (including scratch resistant coatings) coating systems.

Final Finish is a highly specialised, abrasive product and can be used with ease on all paint surfaces, offering a brilliant and lustrous gloss finish everytime!

Cut - 2.5
Gloss - 5

Enrich is an intelligent medium machine abrasive polish offering the latest technology in paint correction polishes. The unique formulation provides a fast, complete removal of car wash scratches, swirl marks, weathered paint, scratches and similar signs of wear and gives the paint surface a lasting deep shine. Enrich can remove 2500 grit sanding marks easily and is perfect for correction of medium to heavily weathered paint defects.

Cut - 3.5
Gloss - 3.5

Restore is a premium high abrasive machine polishing paste offering the latest technology. A very sharp and homogeneous alumina-quality produces a high cutting action and leaves an excellent finish.

Ideal for removing badly weathered paint defects, severe swirl marks, deeper scratches and effectively removes 1500 grit sanding marks leaving a flawless finish.

Cut - 6
Gloss - 3

250ml bottle

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Autobrite Correct It Range Restore, Enrich & Final Finish 250ml

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