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Autobrite Nano Protection System 3 stage Bundle 250ml

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Autobrite Nano Technology 3 stage protection system

The breakthrough New Autobrite Nano protection system provides a strong bond to your paintwork while giving you maximum gloss and durability. Easy to use with the smoothest of finishes.

Nano technology will help make your paint paint last longer, decrease the rust factor and make windows and paint work much easier to clean. 

You’ll see these and more advantages when using the 3 part system from Autobrite Direct. Step 1, helps keep your paint work nice and clean, while adding a protective coating to the paint surface during your weekly wash, Step 2, Adds a more robust nano protective coat to the paints surface for up-to 12 months, Step 3, between applying step 2, this quick detailer will keep that showroom shine for longer and add more protection to your paint work.

Autobrite Nano Shampoo is a gloss protection shampoo for thorough but gentle wash at the same time preserving waxes or sealants. Its unique combination of innovative cleaning and maintenance components form a long-lasting stain-and water-repellent nano-coating (lotus effect). The treated surfaces will have a high gloss and excellent roll-off performance, are easy to clean and protected against aggressive environmental influences.

Nano shampoo is particularly suitable for the care of paintwork treated with the nano-sealant. used regularly (every second or third car wash) the life of our nano sealant can be extended considerably.

Maximum Gloss protection for your cars paint surface
Preserving waxes and sealants
Provides a gentle but effective wash
Easy to use and clean
Protects against enviromental influences
Nano based formula
Application Note

Wash the vehicle. Then with soft water, jet rinse and then dry off any remaining water with a soft drying towel. Once dry quickly buff with a soft microfibre towel for a shine instantly, or for the best deep gloss the result can be further optimized with our Nano Quick Detailer for that finished deep gloss surface.

The new Autobrite nano sealant forms a strong bond with the paint work and is based on innovative reactive materials that form an extremely smooth, high gloss surface and provide an extreme deep gloss.

 Use of Autobrite Nano Seal sealant can significantly reduce the time it takes to wash the paintwork, the surface is perfect and permanently protected from adverse environmental influences. Insects, bird droppings and other contaminates can now be removed much easier during the next wash.

 The durability of this sealant is up to 1 year and may be extended significantly by regular maintenance Nano Shampoo and Nano Quick high gloss Detailing spray.

•Forms a strong bond to your paintwork giving maximum gloss & durability
•The smoothest of finishes
•Nano Technology based formula based on innovative reactive materials
•Gives a high gloss finish
•protects from bird droppings and other contaminates

 Directions: Shake well before using. Make sure surface is cool, dry and clean. Ideally this product is best applied on a freshly decontaminated surface for best results. Apply a small amount to a clean dry foam applicator and rub thoroughly onto the surface. Paint Protection must be spread thin and allowed at least 10 minutes to dry, enabling bonding to occur. Using a clean, dry high quality microfiber towel, buff until all residue is removed.

Autobrite Nano Quick Gloss Detailer is for all painted surfaces, glass, plastic, chrome work etc. Nano Quick Detailer cleans to an elegant an shine, maintains and preserves the paint work. 

Treated surfaces will be returned to their brilliant luster and smoothness and are protected from renewed soiling (lotus effect). Ideally suited if your looking for that fast just waxed finish or removal of Light dirt and fingerprints without disturbing previously applied sealants and waxes.

This product is so easy to use with a light spray and wipe leaving no residue, smears or marks.  It leaves a deep gloss finish and if used with Nano Sealant & Shampoo you will see the benefits of your deep gloss finish on your car.

Nano detailer is ideal for glass, plastic, chrome and paintwork
Gives a outstanding gloss to the paint surface
Maintains and preserves paintwork
Removes light fingerprints, light dirt with no constant wiping - just a quick mist and wipe!
Excellent when used with our 3 stage system
DIRECTIONS: Do not apply to a heavily-soiled surface and do not apply in direct sunlight. with a clean surface spray the Nano Quick Detailer evenly. Spread the Nano Quick Detailer around with a clean microfiber towel, changing sides frequently. Allow the Nano Quick Detailer to haze and then remove the residue with a clean microfiber.

Whats in the kit

1 x 250ml of Nano Shampoo
1 x 250ml of Nano Seal
1 x 250ml of Nano Quick Gloss Preserver/Detailer

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Autobrite Nano Protection System 3 stage Bundle 250ml

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